Who's eligible for membership?

  • Any employee or long-term contractor to companies in the ExxonMobil Group, and their family members. See Membership Eligibility diagram.
  • Business entities associated with these persons, such as companies, incorporated bodies, personal superannuation funds and family trusts.

Your membership is for life, even if you change employers or retire.

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Why it’s great to be a member

  1. We’ll always put your interests first. As a member-owned credit union, our primary objective is to maximise benefits to members, not to maximise profits for external shareholders.
  2. Your vote counts. When you become a member, you also become a part-owner of Nexus Mutual, and can elect directors and run for Board election. Read more about credit unions here.
  3. Technically, we’re a bank. From loans, cards, transactions savings and investment accounts, insurance and travel and foreign currency services, we’ve got the banking services you’d expect of any big bank.
    Just like any typical bank, we’re regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) and have the same government deposit guarantees. We’re even allowed to call ourselves a bank if we want to (we don’t)!
  4. Our products are top-rated. Our deposit and lending rates are hard to beat. Canstar awarded our Low Rate Platinum Credit Card 5 stars for Outstanding Value and our Home Saver deposit account won their 2019 Innovation Excellence Award. Other products like the Junior Saver account are also top-rated.
  5. Get lifelong membership, regardless of any future changes to your employment with ExxonMobil or your family situation.
  6. We provide excellent, personalised service. We’re a small and tight-knit team. When you ring us or drop into the branch, you can expect to deal with the same familiar, friendly people. We know our members well and can tailor our products and services to meet your needs.
  7. Direct communication and approval processes. We don’t operate in complex multi-layered departments with faceless credit approvers. We can assess applications quickly and give you an honest answer about where you stand and what to expect.

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Junior membership for Under 18's

If you have young children, you can start them early on their financial journey. Get them a high-interest Junior Saver or rediCARD by signing them up for a junior membership.

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Call us on 1300 65 33 28, email hello@nexusmutual.com.au or drop into our Melbourne or Sale branch.

Leaving ExxonMobil

Once a member of Nexus Mutual you can stay a member for life, no matter where your career takes you. Even if you leave the ExxonMobil community, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of being a Nexus Mutual member. You will experience no difference in the excellent level of service and range of products and services you have come to expect.

Why should you stay with Nexus Mutual?

  • Competitive interest rates and lower fees.
  • Worldwide ATM access wherever the Visa logo is displayed.
  • Mobile and internet banking to assist you to manage your accounts.
  • Tailored and personalised service from our team. You can request to speak to the same team member each time you call us.
  • We're 100% member-owned, so we put members' interests first. All our profits go towards benefiting members rather than shareholders.
  • We can continue to look after your banking needs whether you're in Australia or living overseas.