Our partners

Here are our trusted partners and advisers that can help our members reach their financial goals sooner.


  • Edstart are education funding specialists, providing customised payment plans for parents investing in their children’s education, featuring low interest rates and flexible payment schedules. We have partnered with Edstart to offer smart, affordable payment plans for private school fees.

    Try out the Edstart calculator to get an instant funding estimate for your school fees or click here to find out more. 


  • Homesafe Solutions Pty Ltd is a provider of a debt-free equity release solution for older Australians to access the wealth tied up in their homes without the need to downsize. By releasing some of the stored value in the family home, Homesafe's equity release solution provides seniors with a lump-sum they can use to fund the savings, superannuation and longevity financial gap.

    Click here to find out more about our partnership, or head to the Homesafe website for more. 


  • With more lenders than any other platform, RateSetter is Australia's leading peer-to-peer lender. RateSetter connects Nexus Mutual members, who want a better return on their money, with creditworthy individuals and businesses who want a simple, competitive loan.

    To find out more about how investing with RateSetter works, visit their website.

Western Union

  • Through our relationship with Western Union Business Solutions, Nexus Mutual offers an easy and affordable option when it comes to transferring funds to and from overseas.

    Take a look at our international payments info for more.

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