Home Loan Application Checklist

To help us process your home loan application quickly and easily, please read through the information below and make sure you have the necessary documentation at hand to support your application. If you have any questions at all, please contact one of our home loan specialists on 1300 65 33 28 or loans@nexusmutual.com.au.

Proof of income

If you are paid salary or wages (not required if you are whole-of-pay to Nexus Mutual)

  • A copy of your most recent pay slip or
  • A letter from your employer on company letterhead stating your rate of pay; or
  • A copy of your employment agreement on the company's letterhead

If you are self-employed

  • Last two years' personal tax returns and tax assessment notices
  • Last two year's company/business tax returns, Profit and Loss Statements and Balance Sheets
  • Projected Profit and Loss Statement for the next 12 months (if 2 years' financial statements are not yet available)

If you receive rental income

  • Copy of the most recent Rental Statement; or
  • Bank statement showing rent payments

Other income

  • Family Allowance - Letter from Centrelink confirming payment amount.
  • Maintenance - Copy of court order or Child Support Agency statement (We need proof that payments are being received eg: bank statements)

Details of what you owe (liabilities)

  • Copies of the most recent Loan/Credit Card statements showing the balance owing and credit limits

First home owners

  • 6 months of all Banking Statements (investment and day to day banking)

Secured mortgage

  • If the property being used as security for the loan is being purchased, please supply a copy of the signed Contract of Sale. Please advise the name, address and telephone number of the solicitor who will be acting on your behalf.
  • If the property is fully owned by you, please supply a copy of the Certificate of Title (original Title will be required prior to funding) and a copy of your Rates Notice showing the Capital Improved Value.

Construction loan

  • Full copy of fixed price Building Contract, Plans and specifications
  • Copy of Council approved Building Permit
  • Copy of Builders Risk Insurance Policy
  • Copy of Certificate of Title (if not held by Nexus Mutual, original will be required prior to funding)

Extensions and renovations

  • Copy of quote for work to be completed
  • Plans and Specifications
  • Council approved Building Permit, where required
  • Most recent Rates Notice showing Capital Improved Value
  • Copy of Certificate of Title (if not held by Nexus Mutual, original will be required prior to funding)

Refinance loan or debt consolidation

  • Statements of last 3 months for all loans and credit cards
  • Copy of Certificate of Title
  • Most recent Rates Notice showing Capital Improved Value

Final Checklist

Before sending the application form back to Nexus Mutual, have you:

  • Attached confirmation of income and liabilities
  • Attached supporting documentation
  • Signed and fully completed loan application

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