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The Help section contains a vast amount of useful information and links to key documents. Either use the quick links below, the page links to the left or try using search to locate the information you need. Alternatively contact the Member Relations team during business hours for help.

Security and fraud prevention

Nexus Mutual employs a wide range of security measures to help protect your personal information and transactions, outlined in 'Nexus Mutual protects you'. We've also put together some helpful hints on fraud and how you can best protect yourself, plus information on scams and latest alerts. Find out more.

Lost or stolen cards

If your Visa Card or rediCARD is lost or stolen, it is important that you report the loss or theft to Nexus Mutual as soon as possible. Early notification ensures that any possibility of the card being accessed fraudulently is minimised and we can arrange for a replacement card sooner. Contact us on 1300 65 33 28 or +61 3 9608 8301.

Account switching

When transferring your everyday banking to Nexus Mutual, you may need to re-establish your regular debits and credits and/or regular payment arrangements that you have set up. Find out more.

Financial hardship

Nexus Mutual is committed to assisting and supporting any members facing financial hardship. We understand that financial hardship can be experienced due to unexpected events. Find out how we can help.


Our suite of calculators will help you work out what your loan repayments could look like, how much you could potentially borrow, how much you could save and lots more. See all the calculators.

ATM Locations

With rediATMs right across Australia, you'll never be too far away from one when you need it. Find a rediATM.