Switching banks doesn't have to be a pain!

We all have reasons to switch – better rates and products, lower fees and charges, or just because you want to bank with someone that really understands your needs. Whatever your reason, it's never been easier to switch to Nexus Mutual in just three steps:

  1. Give us the authority to approach your current bank to get a list of all your regular direct credits and debits.
  2. We will deliver your Nexus Mutual membership information and new account details within one business day. 
  3. We'll make the switch within two business days of receiving a list of your regular direct debits and credits from your current bank.

As a dedicated credit union for the ExxonMobil community, we’re 100% owned by members, so our profits go back to increasing value and reducing costs for you. That’s why we’re able to offer our members top-rated products at market-leading rates.

Why it's great to be a member

Prefer to switch bank details yourself?

Our Account Switching Letter templates can help you notify interested parties of your switch to Nexus Mutual. You'll need:

  • Your new member/account or card number
  • Your old account details, which could be either a:
    • BSB and account number; or
    • Credit or debit card number
    • Comprehensive list of all your automatic transfers and regular payment details (such as your salary, telephone bill, electricity bill, insurance payment etc.)

Here are the letter templates:

Regular Payment Arrangements

Nexus Mutual also provides a template to enable you to record details of any regular payments that you set up on your Visa card.

Download our Regular Payment Arrangement Record template here.

Card numbers and expiry dates can change if your card is lost, stolen or expires – meaning you’ll need to update these details with any suppliers you’ve arranged a regular payment arrangement with.

We recommend setting up a direct debit wherever possible, by providing your supplier with Nexus Mutual’s BSB number (802-254) and your membership number. If you require funds to be charged to an account other than your Access account, please contact us.

Want to know more about switching?

Drop into our Melbourne or Sale branch, call us on 1300 65 33 28, or email hello@nexusmutual.com.au

I want to make the switch today!