Think switching banks can be a pain? We agree!
But it doesn’t have to be.

We all have reasons to switch – better rates and products, lower fees and charges or just because you want to bank with someone that really understands your needs. Whatever your reason it's never been easier to switch to Nexus Mutual.   

We promise simple, easy, hassle free switching.

  • Simple - because all you need to do is give us the authority to approach your current bank to get a list of all your regular direct credits and debits
  • Easy - because we commit to deliver within 1 business day your Nexus Mutual membership information and new account details
  • Hassle free - because we'll make the switch within 2 business days of receiving a list of your regular direct debits and credits from your current bank

And because we are 100% owned by members of the ExxonMobil community our profits go back to you and your family in the form of lower fees, great product features and innovative services.  Why would you want to bank anywhere else?

Want to know more about switching? Drop into our branch or contact our team of dedicated specialists on 1300 65 33 28, or email We'd love to help you make the switch today.

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Click here if you'd prefer to switch bank details yourself using our guide and letter templates?