Invest your change with Round Up

Nexus Mutual’s new Round Up automates your savings by rounding up to the nearest dollar on each Visa Debit Card or rediCARD purchase, then moves the difference into a Nexus Mutual savings account.

Set It Up Now

Why Round Up?

  • Automatic and Effortless Savings
    Automatic and effortless
    It’s a set-and-forget approach to saving. Once it’s switched on, your savings go straight to your nominated savings account.
  • Multi-pronged Savings Round Up
    Multi-pronged savings
    1.  Saving for a home? Round Up savings can go towards the $100 minimum deposit required to earn bonus interest in a Home Saver account.

    2.  If you have an offset account, Round Up savings can help to reduce your home loan interest.

    3.  As a parent, Round Up savings can help you save and earn bonus interest for your child in their Junior Saver account.
  • Round Up for more Savings
    Switch it on and off anytime
    Round Up can be switched on and off anytime with a simple secure email instruction or phone call.

Surprise yourself with sneaky savings

Your change can add up. Don’t believe us? Here’s an example of a day’s basic transactions:

Item Purchased Cost Round Up Amount Saved
Coffee $4.50 $5.00 $0.50
Lunch $12.30 $13.00 $0.70
Groceries $28.20 $29.00 $0.80
Snack $3.10 $4.00 $0.90
Fuel $15.20 $16.00 $0.80
Total Saved $3.70

Using the above example, you’ll save $25.90 in a week, or $111 in a month. You could do a fair bit with these savings!

Setting it up

To get started with Round Up, all you need is an Access Plus account (S1) and one of these Nexus Mutual savings accounts to stash away your savings:

    -    Direct Saver account
    -    Home Saver account
    -    Offset account
    -    Junior Saver account
    -    Bonus Saver account
    -    Cash Management account

Get it now

Log in to internet banking and send us a secure email to let us know you want Round Up and which savings account to use. Or, simply phone us on 1300 65 33 28 from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. You’ll be rounding up within a day or two. 

You’ll see the transfers occurring automatically to your savings account at the end of every day.

Good to know

  • Round Up will apply every time you use your Visa Debit Card or rediCARD to pay for something. This includes online purchases, EFTPOS and transactions made with Visa payWave, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay.
  • If your account reaches $0.00, we won’t apply a Round Up transfer, so there’s no risk of Round Up overdrawing your account.
  • You can transfer your savings into another Nexus Mutual member's account. For example, a parent can have the round up amount directed to their child’s Junior Saver account. It’s an easy way to make up the $2.00 minimum deposit required to earn bonus interest.
  • You can start and stop Round Up any time you like simply by calling us or sending us a secure email. Why not try it out and see how much you can ferret away?


1.     What transactions can’t be rounded up?

You can only round up with your Visa Debit Card or rediCARD. You can't round up the following transactions:
    -    credit cards
    -    direct debits
    -    BPAY
    -    ATM cash withdrawals
    -    Pay Anyone transfers
    -    transfers between accounts (including home loan payments)
    -    bank cheque

2.     Can an Access Plus account round up to a savings account that is under a different name?

Yes, you can round up to any Nexus Mutual savings account, including those where you’re not named as a signatory or joint account holder. For example, a grandparent can Round Up to their grandchild’s Junior Saver account.

3.     Can my round up amounts help me earn bonus interest?

Yes! The round up amount is treated the same way as the rest of your money going into the receiving account. For example, if you are rounding up to a Junior Saver account, the round up amount will count towards the $2.00 minimum deposit required for bonus interest.

4.     I have two Access Plus accounts – one joint and one single. Can I direct the round up amounts for both Access Plus accounts into a single savings account?

Yes. There are no restrictions on how many Round Up accounts you can direct to a single savings account, if the Round Up is set up from an Access Plus account.

5.     If I have no more money in my Access Plus account, will Round Up cause my account to be overdrawn?

If your account reaches $0.00, a Round Up won’t be applied, so there is no risk of Round Up overdrawing your account.