Member-centric banking
Member-centric banking

More bad behaviour from the banks at the Royal Commission. Putting the needs of shareholders ahead of customers. Tightening and slowing down of lending. Out of cycle interest rate rises…

Big banks continue to make headlines - for all the wrong reasons. You won’t see this with Nexus Mutual.

Because we’re 100% member-owned, our only interest is that of our members - depositors and borrowers. That’s why we’re happy to keep interest rates right where they are.

And there’s no sign of tightening or slowing down here either. Nexus Mutual is open for business. We’ve got $100 million to lend to the ExxonMobil community – that’s employees, contractors and alliance partners and their families.

Like the big banks, we've been around a while – almost 50 years, in fact.  And we've got all the products and services you’d expect from a big bank, from home loans, insurance and investments to credit cards and a slick digital offering including an app, digital wallets, online loan applications and Skype.

But unlike the big banks, you’re not going to see us getting caught up in the Royal Commission. Because we’re member-owned, acting in the best interest of our members is simply how we do business.

Switching your banking may seem like a monumental task, but we're here to help. And with rates so competitive on our loans, deposits and other products, now is the perfect time.

To see how we can do better for you, email us at, or speak with one of our team on 1300 65 33 28.