'FREE TRIAL' warning - how to protect yourself
'FREE TRIAL' warning - how to protect yourself


A warning to cardholders: Beware when providing your Visa card details to a scheme in order to sample or try a product for a small postage cost.

These schemes often come with claims of amazing results when using their weight loss products, supplements or skin creams. You will find you have been signed up to a hidden and costly subscription each month unless you cancel within the short free trial period. Even attempting to contact the company, to cancel the subscription, may prove difficult if you can’t reach anyone by phone or email. 

How a Free Trial offer works:

Firstly you come across an advert online or on TV about an amazing offer. All sounds interesting and no risk,  just a small postage charge to receive the products.

Now that you have signed up for the initial “ free trial” you are sent the product to try. Unknowingly, you have been signed up for a hidden and costly long term subscription, which needs to be cancelled before the free trial period ends. This period can be for anywhere from 7-30 days.

You will only realise you have been signed up to the subscription when you are billed for the products. The product price can range from $80 to $150 for each product.

Attempting to contact the company can prove to be difficult weeks or months later if you haven’t received an invoice or didn’t record any customer support details. If you do locate a contact number, you may not be able to reach anyone or have your emails ignored. If you feel you are being charged for a subscription you did not sign up to contact Nexus Mutual immediately.


  • Be aware of the Terms & Conditions of the “Free Trial” and make sure you know how long you have to try the product. Also be aware the trial period may expire before you even receive the goods!
  • Trying to contact the company weeks later may be difficult or impossible. Record any details you can about the customer support contacts or company name and website details.  You may need them!
  • If the free trial states you must return the product as part of the Terms & Conditions, do so but use a trackable method. Some companies may claim non receipt and will therefore not refund you. The return postage will, in most cases, be your responsibility, factor this into the free trial offer.
  • If you keep receiving the products or did not receive any products at all, you are probably being billed for them, check your statement and contact Nexus Mutual immediately.


If you don’t want the product, didn’t receive it or find it is not suitable: