Nexus Mutual & Homesafe
Nexus Mutual & Homesafe

Homesafe & Nexus Mutual alliance to provide equity release option for members

Homesafe Solutions Pty Ltd has announced it has entered into a referral partnership with Nexus Mutual (previously EECU) and welcomed the opportunity to make available the Homesafe equity release solution to the members of the long-established credit union.

Commenting further, General Manager, Dianne Shepherd said the selection of Homesafe by Nexus Mutual was a testament to the organisation's commitment to providing senior Australians the ability to unlock the equity tied up in the family home with security and certainty.

"The partnership with Nexus Mutual will provide the credit union's members, and their families, with an attractive alternative to downsizing or borrowing against their homes, in retirement".

Nexus Mutual was established 48 years ago, as a member owned financial institution to service the needs of the ExxonMobil community and today the modern thriving credit union has over 6,000 members across Australia.

Headquartered in Melbourne with branches in Southbank and Sale, Nexus Mutual is focused on improving the financial wellbeing of its members and providing exceptional personalised service.

Nexus Mutual CEO Ashley Hood said "We want to be the banking partner of choice for our members and to deliver on that, we need to be relevant to them – build trust by understanding their needs and aspirations, tailor the right solutions for them and provide an exceptional customer experience.

"Our partnership with Homesafe reflects our commitment to provide members with access to products and services that reflect their needs and aspirations as they evolve," he said.

Far too often seniors in financial stress act in haste and sell / downsize not taking into account the financial, emotional and community costs of doing so – especially when there are alternatives that can unlock the value of the property and provide them the ability to comfortably remain in their homes.

Since Homesafe's equity release solution came onto the market just over a decade ago, it has been welcomed by many seniors as a transparent and fair approach to prevent the need to downsize or to borrow against their home in order to fund their retirement.

By releasing some of the stored value in the family home, Homesafe's equity release solution provides seniors with a lump-sum they can use to fund the savings, superannuation, and longevity financial gap.

Homesafe Wealth Release is facilitated via a dedicated customer centric model that acknowledges every customer is an individual with unique needs and aspirations. The rigorous consultation process engages on a personal level with each customer through a step by step assessment and solution outcome and Homesafe is looking forward to providing this superior level of service to Nexus Mutual members.

Dianne Shepherd concluded, "The approach to funding our retirement phase is undergoing immense change and keeping pace with consumer expectations and demands is going to be a real challenge".

"To remain relevant organisations will need to focus on their core competencies in order to deliver cost effective value and service to customers".

"Homesafe is well positioned to partner with these organisations and provide a unique offering to their senior customers, clients or members who are seeking an alternative source of funds in retirement".

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