What's not to love about Osko?
What's not to love about Osko?

A simpler way to make payments and get paid is here.

Osko is a new way to pay with your Internet Banking or Mobile Banking App that’s as fast as cash – without the hassle of cash.

Whether you’re paying a tradie, splitting a bill or giving money to family for something urgent – the money will be there in minutes.

Faster payments across over 50 institutions – and more to come. Available all day, every day – even weekends.

You can use a PayID to make and receive payments with something simple like a registered mobile number or email address. Or you can still use a BSB & Account Number

It’s backed by BPAY and us, so it’s very secure. 

You can use 280 characters of text to describe who’s getting paid and why.

Want to know more about Osko?  Visit Real-Time Payments for more information.

There's important changes to how you make and receive payments from Internet Banking and the Nexus Mutual App, please read here