Own your Banking
Own your Banking

Why it’s Time to Own Your Banking

by Ashley Hood, CEO of Nexus Mutual

Like many people in the community, I have been shocked and dismayed by the stories coming out of the Banking Royal Commission – stories which highlight how some banks have lost their way and placed their own interests ahead of their customers.

As the Royal Commission continues, we are seeing an increased level of interest and demand from people in our community wanting a banking alternative that puts their interests first.

As a member-owned banking institution, Nexus Mutual is focused solely on our members because 100% of our profits are used to benefit our members.

We are continually looking for ways to deliver value to our members. Recently, we conducted a review of our fees following feedback from our members and removed the fees on offset accounts and EFTPOS transactions.

This is an example of why more of the ExxonMobil community are becoming members and considering us their main financial institution. Members tell us that they continue to be impressed with the personalised service from our team of experienced and dedicated bankers, our competitive and tailored product range and just how easy we are to deal with.

This is why we are proud to support the Own Your Banking campaign from the Customer Owned Banking Association. Four million Australians already own their banking. They are members of the 74 mutual banks, credit unions and building societies across Australia -just like Nexus Mutual.

With the behaviour of big banks falling well below community expectations, it is no wonder that there is renewed interest in banking with institutions where member interests are not in conflict with shareholder interests.

Switch your banking

A recent national Essential Research poll found that 1 in 3 people are more likely to consider switching their banking institution, in reaction to the Royal Commission.

The poll also found 8% say they have already changed their provider. A further 17% say the Royal Commission has led them to consider changing, but they haven’t yet, while an additional 18% are not sure if they will consider changing. The polling backs up the terrific feedback we’re getting from members.

If you’re not yet with Nexus Mutual, switching is not as onerous as you might think. Call one of our friendly team on 1300 65 33 28 or pop into a branch to see how easy it can be. Or simply email your best contact number to hello@nexusmutual.com.au and we’ll be in touch.

As a Nexus Mutual member, you benefit from top-rated products at market-leading rates and become part of a community that helps each other build financial prosperity.

It’s time to Own Your Banking and switch to Nexus Mutual.