Unplanned System Outage - Saturday 17 March
Unplanned System Outage - Saturday 17 March

Update: Post incident review underway after unscheduled outage on Saturday 17 March

As at Tuesday 27 March, initial investigations have been completed and representatives from affected financial institutions have been invited to a forum to be briefed on the full extent of the impact of the outage and work with our IT partner to minimalise the chance of a similar outage occurring in the future.

We can confirm that the outage was due to an extensive communications fault, which took considerable time to implement a solution for. We can assure all members, that this was not as a result of a hacking attempt or other malicious attack. 

We look forward to sharing more with you soon.

The Nexus Mutual Team


Update: Unscheduled outage causes disruption to card transactions, Internet Banking and Mobile App

From approximately 12pm Saturday 17 March, members were experiencing issues with the following services due to an unplanned outage:

  • Mobile App
  • Internet Banking
  • Some EFTPOS and VISA transactions
  • nexusmutual.com.au 

As at 7.30am Sunday 18 March, all systems are services were restored. 

The outage impacted several financial institutions across Australia.

Investigations are currently underway with our IT partners to determine the root cause of the outage. We will provide further updates as we work with them to understand what occurred and how we can minimise impact on our members should an outage occur in the future.

We understand how frustrating this has been and thank you for your patience during this time.

Please email us at hello@nexusmutual.com.au or call us on 1300 65 33 28 Monday to Friday 8.40am - 5pm if there are any outstanding concerns.

Again, our sincerest apologies.

The Nexus Mutual Team