A choice of cards to suit every member

Because we believe in providing members with great options, you can select the card that best matches your needs.

Visa Platinum Credit Card

  • The front of the Nexus Mutual Visa Platinum credit card is displayed.

  • With our rewards card, take advantage of up to 46 days’ interest free on purchases, a competitive interest rate, plus access to the Visa Platinum Concierge Service and special lifestyle, entertainment and travel privileges as a Platinum cardholder.

Low Rate Platinum Credit Card

  • Take advantage of a low interest rate and low annual fee. Plus you'll get access to all the Visa Platinum Concierge services like complimentary travel insurance, as well as special lifestyle and entertainment privileges. Apply now.

  • Features

    • Low interest rate 9.49% p.a. 
    • 0% p.a. on balance transfers for 12 months (2% balance transfer fee applies)
    • Comprehensive complimentary insurance package*
      • Overseas travel insurance
      • Interstate flight insurance
      • Extended warranty insurance
      • Purchase security insurance
      • Transport accident insurance
    • Access to Visa Platinum Concierge Service 24x7
    • Special lifestyle, entertainment and travel privileges through visapremium.com.au
    • Visa payWave – allowing you to pay faster with less hassle
    • Your credit card is conveniently linked to your Access Plus (S1) account for ATM & EFTPOS transactions within Australia
    • Free worldwide emergency card replacement
    • Accepted worldwide
    • Automatic enrolment in the Verified by Visa for additional online shopping security
    • Minimum credit limit of $6,000
    • A low annual fee – just $49 p.a. (waived for Platinum Home Loan holders)

    View interest rates

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Visa Debit Card

  • Access your money whenever or wherever you want along with all the convenience provided by a Visa Debit Card.

  • Convenient Access 

    Enjoy the convenience of a Nexus Mutual Visa Debit Card. Withdraw money directly from your Access Plus (S1) account whenever or wherever you want.

    • Withdraw cash from ATMs and EFTPOS
    • Make purchases
    • Enjoy online shopping
    • Pay bills
    • No application or annual card fee


    • Nexus Mutual's card is a debit card – access your money, including any pre-approved overdraft 24/7 to assist you with managing your money.
    • Extensive ATM access – have 24/7 access to ATMs Australia-wide including more than 3,500 ATMs# in the rediATM network (includes the NAB ATM and rediATM branded BOQ ATMs) and ATMs worldwide that display the Visa logo (fees apply).
    • Use EFTPOS in Australia – withdraw extra cash when you make a purchase.
    • Perfect for shopping – whether in person or online.
    • Visa payWave technology - allows you to pay for purchases under $100 (up to a $500 daily limit) without swiping, signing, or entering a PIN at any participating merchants displaying the contactless symbol.
    • Pay bills – your debit card number can be used over the telephone or internet as a convenient way of paying one-off or regular bills.
    • Card Security – Nexus Mutual's Visa Debit card has a range of security features to help protect you from fraud, including:
      • Chip Technology - Cards are embedded with an electronic chip which securely stores the data previously held on the magnetic strip. These cards cannot be used if lost or stolen.
      • PIN – required to authorise transactions providing improved security.
      • Verified by Visa – allows you to purchase online from participating merchants knowing that only you can authorise the transaction. 

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  • The Fine Print - Visa Debit Card

    # ATM fees will apply to cash withdrawals, transfers and balance enquiries when using an Australian ATM that is not part of the rediATM network. The ATM fee will be disclosed at time of the transaction.

    Heading overseas on a holiday or to work?

    An alternative to your Visa Debit Card is to travel cash-safe with a Cash Passport card for overseas purchases.

    Additional Information


  • Withdraw cash from your accounts through an extensive ATM network across Australia. Or use anywhere else EFTPOS is offered.

  • Key features and benefits

    • Instant and easy access to your funds - access your money, including any pre-approved overdraft.
    • Use EFTPOS - if you need extra cash, make your purchase and withdraw cash at the same time.
    • Direct Charge free# ATM transactions - more than 3,500 ATMs in the rediATM network (includes NAB and rediATM branded BOQ ATMs) across Australia.
    • Can be used at ATMs worldwide - no need to carry excess cash as you have 24/7 access to ATMs.
    • Card Security - Nexus Mutual's rediCARD transactions are PIN based, so must be authorised with the entry of a PIN for all ATM and EFTPOS transactions.
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    # ATM fees will apply to cash withdrawals, transfers and balance enquiries when using an Australian ATM that is not part of the rediATM network. The ATM fee will be disclosed at time of the transaction.

    Review Nexus Mutual’s Account and Access Facility Terms and Conditions brochure.

    See additional information related to Cards.

Cash Passport Card

  • The Multi-currency Cash Passport Prepaid MasterCard® is a secure and convenient way to carry up to 10 currencies every time you travel. Use it online, in store or to withdraw local currency from ATMs - anywhere you see the MasterCard Acceptance symbol.

  • The Multi-currency Cash Passport key features and benefits

    • Load multiple currencies onto one easy to use Card1
    • Smart wallet functionality – Intelligently selects the currency for your transaction. Funds can be used from multiple wallets if required to help ensure your transaction is approved
    • Chip & PIN protected for enhanced security and worldwide acceptance
    • Access local currency from over 2.1 million ATMs worldwide showing the MasterCard logo
    • Accepted at over 35 million locations worldwide
    • Reload at a Nexus Mutual branch or online via BPAY®
    • Lock in your rate2 for the funds you load at the relevant exchange rate of the day
    • Free second card as back-up in case the primary card is lost or stolen
    • 24/7 Global Emergency Assistance
    • Option to load up to a maximum of AU$100,000 per annum
    • View your account, transactions and manage your currency balances online via "My Account" at www.cashpassport.com/multi
    • Not linked to your Nexus Mutual accounts
    • Free card replacement to anywhere in the world#
    • Card valid for up to 5 years so you can use it for multiple trips
    • Cards activated for use within 2 business hours

    How do you get one?

    Multi-currency Cash Passport cards can be ordered on the spot at either our Melbourne or Sale branch or by downloading the application form inside the Product Disclosure Statement.

    Cash Passport On-line

    You can access all your account information at www.cashpassport.com/multi.

    This includes:

    • Obtaining card balances and statements
    • Locating the nearest MasterCard ATM
    • Travel budgeting tips
    • FAQ's
    • Moving funds between currencies

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  • Cash Passport promotion for new loads 24/7 Global Emergency Assistance

    Customer support is available through the Cash Passport 24/7 Global Emergency Assistance service which provides a range of services including providing card balances, replacement of lost or stolen cards, emergency cash3 to anywhere in the world, translator services, help finding legal or medical support and sending a message home. The list of global toll free phone numbers is on the back of the Cash Passport card, and you can also seek assistance on-line by visiting www.cashpassport.com/multi.

    Cash Passport – retrieving any balance of funds left on the card on your return

    To retrieve the remaining balance on the card, simply complete the Cash Passport Encashment Form located at www.cashpassport.com/multi and fax to 03 9282 0302.

    Cash outs are processed within 2 business days. Note: Cash Outs will be converted to AUD at the prevailing exchange rate prior to crediting to your Nexus Mutual account.

    Cardholders also have the option to do a cashout online in "My Account", or simply access funds via a local ATM with a MasterCard logo displayed.


    Fees are listed under 'Travel Services' in our Fees, Charges and Transaction Limits brochure.


    Before you make a decision to acquire the Card, please check www.cashpassport.com/multi for the latest currencies supported.
    2 "Lock in your rate" means that the prevailing exchange rate is locked in for the initial load value only. Subsequent card reloads will be processed at the then prevailing exchange rate on the day of the reload transaction, and will be locked in at that rate.
    Emergency cash replacement (up to the amount available on your card), anywhere in the world, normally within 20 minutes, though in some remote locations this could take up to 24 hours.
    Conditions Apply

    MasterCard Prepaid Management Services Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 47 145 452 044, AFSL 386 837) arranges for the issue of the Cash Passport in conjunction with the issuer, Heritage Bank Limited (ABN 32 087 652 024, AFSL/ACL 240984). You should consider the Product Disclosure Statement for the relevant Cash Passport available at www.cashpassport.com/multi before deciding to acquire the product. Any advice does not take into account your personal needs, financial circumstances or objectives and you should consider if it is appropriate for you. MasterCard and the MasterCard Brand Mark are registered trademarks of MasterCard International Incorporated.