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Lost or stolen cards

If your Visa Debit card, rediCARD or credit card is lost or stolen it is important that you report the loss or theft to Nexus Mutual as soon as possible. Early notification ensures that any possibility of the card being accessed fraudulently is minimised and we can arrange for a replacement card sooner.

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Report suspected fraud

If you notice any unusual transactions on your account, please contact us immediately on 1300 65 33 28 (or +61 3 9608 8301 from overseas).

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Visa Debit Card regular payment

Nexus Mutual recommends that you do not provide your Visa Debit Card number to suppliers for charging amounts to your account, as the card number and/or expiry date can change if the card is lost, stolen or replaced. A better option is to set up a direct debit by providing your supplier with Nexus Mutual’s BSB number (802-254) and your member number.

Online Shopping

When shopping online, we recommend that you only use secure payment options recommended by the merchant such as direct debit of your Visa Debit Card, or with PayPal. Nexus Mutual also provides additional security to your card with Verified by Visa. Verified by Visa is an easy to use fraud prevention program that confirms your identity when you shop online with any participating online merchant.