Flexible payment services so you're always up to date!


Pay your bills via mobile or internet banking with BPAY®, using funds from your Access or Cash Management accounts.

  • Most of your regular bills – utilities, rates, credit cards – can be paid with BPAY.
  • Accessed 24/7 – whether you are in Australia or overseas.
  • Payments can be future-dated to a specified date.
  • Option to set up payments for recurring bills (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) using internet banking.

Using BPAY is simple:

  • Nexus Mutual app users - select the BPAY your bills on the main page.
  • Internet banking users - select the BPAY option from the Transfer/Pay menu and follow the prompts.

Direct Debit or Credit

Direct debit is a quick and simple way to pay regular bills automatically. This form of payment is generally used for recurring payments such as insurance premiums, subscriptions or utilities bills, but may also be for authorised one-off transactions.

How to Establish a Direct Debit

To establish a direct debit you should contact the billing organisation and quote Nexus Mutual's BSB (802-254) and your member number. Using your member number instead of your card number allows us to provide you with a better service if you need to make a change to the direct debit at any time. Please advise us if you wish the funds to be paid from an account other than your Access account.

Recurring Payments

Automatic payments can be initiated from your accounts. You can set payments to be made once only, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or annually to an individual or company account at Nexus Mutual or another Australian financial institution.

Uses for recurring payments include:

  • Repayment of Nexus Mutual loans
  • Regular transfers to other saving accounts within Nexus Mutual
  • Payments to an account of a third party (e.g. for rent, school fees) at another financial institution

Other information to note

  • Payments are made automatically
  • Payments can be stopped or altered at any time by contacting us
  • Members can set up payments in internet banking or we can set it up for you
  • Members can alter or delete payments in internet banking (excluding Nexus Mutual loan repayments)

If there are insufficient funds in your account on the due date, Nexus Mutual's system will attempt to make the payment for the next 5 times. Your payment may still be made in the event of a delay on the funds being deposited to your account.

® Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518